Terapia Ocupacional Terapia Ocupacional

 Occupational Therapy
Cognitive Assessment 

  • Cognitive Components
    •  1. Alertness

       2. Orientation 

        a. Time 
        b. Place 
        c. Person 
      3. Memory
        a. Length of retention and recall
        b. Content relative to time
      4. Attention 
        a. Concentration (attention span) 
        b. Selective attention (distractability) 
        c. Attentional flexibility
      5. Learning
        a. Learning capacity
        b. Generalization of what has been learned
      6. Intellectual Process
        a. Comparing
        b. Categorizing
        c. Determining relationships
        d. Thinking on a continuum of particular to abstract
        e. Logical reasoning
        f. Intellectual flexibility
        g. Metacognition
        h. Insight
      7. Fund of Knowledge
        a. Procedural knowledge
        b. Factual knowledge
      8. Task Skills
        a. Considering the consequences of one's actions
        b. Making judgments
        c. Assessing task demands
        d. Determining relevancy of information
        e. Decision making
        f. Goal setting
        g. Following directions
        h. Planning
        i. Organizing
        j. Manner of task engagement
        k. Synchronizing parts of a task
        l. Monitoring performance
        m. Detecting and correcting errors
      9. Problem Solving
        a. Problem recognition
        b. Problem identification
        c. Problem and situation analysis
        d. Selection of a course of action
        e. Implementation of a selected course of action
        f. Execution of the solution chosen
        g. Evaluation of problem resolution
  • Reference
    • Cognitive Rehabilitaiton - AOTA Self Study Series, 1993