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MMR Wellness Presents:

The Living with Fibromyalgia 
and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 

About Us

Hello and welcome to The Living with Fibromyalgia and Chronic FatigueSyndrome Website. My name is Debbie Milam and I am the president and founder of MMR Wellness.I have been a licensed occupational therapist for thirteen years and together with the teachings of a variety of health care professionals have developed this program.Our company is dedicated to bringing you information that will assist you in managing your symptoms of fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome.This program will empower you with the knowledge to manage your health condition and improve your quality of life.

Personal History

Ten years ago while working as an occupational therapist in a research facility I began developing mysterious symptoms: joint pain muscle pain and chills. Some abnormalities in my blood tests indicated a possible autoimmune disease. At that time I started meditating and exercising and began to feel better. All of my symptoms eventually disappeared including my abnormalities in my blood work. Four years later, I delivered a very beautiful, healthy baby boy 8 weeks premature. After he returned home from the hospital I began feeling sicker and sicker. I was extremely fatigued and was again experiencing severe muscle and joint pain. I once again received abnormal results on my blood tests indicating a nonspecific collagen vascular disease and possible Lupus. I was treated with non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, which seemed to make all my symptoms worse. After 6 months of trying different medications, I eventually was placed on a medication for Lupus. This medication appeared to help my fatigue and muscle pain for about 3 months. I then began developing severe irritable bladder and bowel symptoms.After undergoing numerous tests and losing 20 pounds, it was discovered by my pharmacist that my medication could be creating the problem. I went off of the medication and my bowel and bladder symptoms quieted down, but I was left with debilitating fatigue, dizziness, numbness, tingling, chills, muscle pain and weakness. No one could explain my symptoms and I was growing more fearful everyday. I finally decided to consult with one of the top medical facilities in the country. There as was put there a series of physical tests all of which came up normal. They were convinced that I had a psychological disorder. While there I was blessed with the opportunity to meet a wonderful girl who was very ill with fibromyalgia. She shared her story with me and it was almost identical to mine. I then asked the physician I was working with if this could possibly be creating my health problems. He said it could be, but there was very little that could be done for it anyway, and I would just have to learn to live with it. Well thatís exactly what I did. I read every book and listened to every tape available on fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, nutrition, complimentary medicine, spirituality, and health and wellness. I also began consulting with a variety of holistic health care practitioners. Being an occupational therapist with a background in rehabilitation was very helpful in finding resources.

I put together a treatment program for myself and within 6 weeks I was feeling 75% better. After 3 months I was feeling 90% better and was fully functioning again. I then began a support group through the Arthritis Foundation.I shared the program I developed and many group members began to see improvements in the quality of their health.

I share this story with you not for pity or accolades but for two reasons. The first to show that you are not alone in your fears or frustrations. I, like many others have been misdiagnosed, overmedicated, and often felt unheard by doctors. This frustration led me to the commitment and dedication to make changes in my life. The second reason for sharing my story, as well as my program, is to inspire you to make the lifestyle changes necessary to improve your health and eventually improve the quality of your life. This program will show you step by step how to improve your energy, managed your symptoms, cope more effectively with stress, and live a more balanced healthy life.By being consistent and disciplined in implementing the strategies contained in this program you can once again will feel well enough to enjoy the richness of your life. 

In Closing

We are so grateful for the opportunity to share this information with you. At MMR Wellness we are committed to bringing you safe, effective, and cutting edge self-treatment techniques. By empowering yourself with knowledge you have taken the first step toward wellness. Then by following and implementing a wellness program you will be able to bring forth many positive changes in the quality of your health and in your life. Developing this program was truly a labor of love and it is our heartfelt wish that this program will help you in the process of self-awareness and healing.